Healthcare Education, LLC Based in St. Louis, Missouri offers a number of healthcare training courses, including phlebotomy tech and CNA classes. We also provide a comprehensive CPR training course. In addition to having the relevant education and background, we also have the certification in the state of Missouri to teach these courses.

Certified Nursing
Assistant (CNA)

Are you thinking about going into the field of nursing? As a certified nursing assistant (CNA), you will have a fulfilling career that puts you directly on the front lines. Depending on the environment you choose to work in, you may also be referred to as a patient care technician, nurse’s aide, or home health aide. With this course, you will learn how to use your skills and compassion to provide excellent patient care to individuals who are unable to do so for themselves. We offer this course for 16 weeks at $900.00.

Phlebotomy Technician
Course & Phlebotomy Technician Hybrid Course

A highly trained healthcare professional, a phlebotomist works with doctors and nurses in a variety of settings. Upon completion of your training, you have the option to work in hospitals, healthcare clinics, or blood donation clinics. The United States Bureau of Labor classifies phlebotomy technicians under the group ‘Clinical Laboratory Technologists and Technicians’. If you wish to become one, we offer a 10-week phlebotomy course for $825.00. This is a certificate-level course.

Medical Billing and
Coding Course

Certificate of Proficiency in Medical Billing and Coding is a 750 clock hour- program that prepares students for entry-level positions as Medical Billing Specialists, Medical Coders, Claims Examiners, Healthcare Reimbursement Specialists and Health Insurance Specialists. Students will learn to administer patients’ health information for coding, billing, electronic health records, legal cases, audits, and practice management purposes. Organize and manage health information data by ensuring its quality, accuracy, accessibility, and security. Understand the legalities of chart management, coding and billing guidelines, and practice management. Effectively communicate with physician, medical staff, third party payers, and patients by applying a sociological perspective. This course uses the curriculum required by MedCA Certifications. This is a certificate-level course for 44 weeks. Cost $4,000.00.

Medical Assistant Course

The primary objective of the Medical Assisting Program is to train students in the management and treatment of cognitive, psychomotor and affective disorders and ailments required for employment in a clinical, hospital or office setting. Courses will focus on a wide spectrum of subjects like deciphering EKGs and X-rays, administering First Aid, sterilizing and caring for surgical instruments and performing administrative office tasks like coding and billing. Students also receive hands-on training in clinical settings in preparation to gain entry level employment in the medical assisting industry. As a medical assistant, you could have the opportunity to work directly with patients and assist with their care and well-being. If you are interested in pursuing opportunities in this rewarding field, our medical assistant certificate program can help you gain the relevant experience and skills to become a qualified candidate. At Healthcare Education, LLC, we strive to prepare you with the necessary clinical and administrative knowledge to seek various entry-level positions.This is a certificate-level course for 32 weeks. Cost $3,000.00..

EKG Course & EKG
Hybrid Course

An EKG technician is a cardiology technologist with specialized training in operating equipment used to measure a patient’s heart performance. By attaching electrodes to a patient’s body and recording the electrical impulses transmitted by a patient’s heart with an EKG – also known as an electrocardiogram – the technician provides the data to the patient’s physician for later analysis. EKG technicians are typically employed in hospitals, private cardiology clinics, and laboratories, and generally work standard 40 hour work weeks with the occasional weekend. Technician’s employed by laboratories may work longer hours and be required to remain on call at odd hours. The EKG Technician course at Healthcare Education, LLC is a comprehensive 82 hour course. Upon successful completion of this course a certificate of completion will be presented to the student. This is a certificate-level course for 10 weeks. Cost $825.00.

Patient Care Technician Course & Patient Care Technician Hybrid Courses

The learner is introduced to basic nursing care, resident rights, safety and emergency nursing procedures. Principles of therapeutic relationships and client care are presented as well as the legal/ethical issues related to nursing assistant practice. Students demonstrate competencies required to assist in giving basic nursing care to patients in long-term care agencies, hospitals, laboratories, and clinics where basic bedside nursing skills are required, as well as the skills of phlebotomy, performing electrocardiograms (EKG), stress testing, and holter monitoring procedures. Under the supervision of the instructor or licensed nursing staff. This is a certificate-level course for 32 weeks. Cost $3,000.00.

Pharmacy Technician

The main goal of the Pharmacy Technician Program is to provide students with the communication, safety and patient advocate skills necessary to gain entry level employment across a wide spectrum of workplaces, including clinical, hospital, retail and more. Courses focus on the preparation and distribution of medication, labeling and filing orders, record maintenance and general assistance to a licensed pharmacist. Additionally, students may work in multiple clinical or office settings in preparation to enter today’s fast-paced pharmacy technician industry. This is a certificate-level course for 44 weeks. Cost $4,000.00.
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